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Frederic the Mercenary Pirate

I plunder for people's souls.

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4 November 1983
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I'm weird. I'm loud and I kick butt.

hows that for a bio?

I'm not that nice and I don't care. I will take over the world. be it with my legions of lizards or penguins or both, it will happen. just wait and see asshole.

I must be butter because I'm on a roll.

The world is your lobster. Lick it. It'll bring luck.
80's movies, accents, acorn men, acting, anti-valentine's day, austin scarlett, baby goldfish, belching, better then a manatee, bilingual pants, bioanic carnies, black, boobs without you, boondock saints, bottle caps, boxes, bryan white, burlesque, buttrock, candy, cary elwes, cats, chandler dancing, cheese, chickens, cocktail glasses, comics, corned beef, criminal minds, crossing eyes, cussing like a sailor, dancing, dancing for nickels, dirty dancing, drag queens, drawing, drooling, duncan sheik, elbow sex, ewan mcgregor, fire, flushing sounds, food, free stuff, friends, gary the plastic lizard, giblets, glaring, glowering, goats, grape flavoring, hand farting, hank williams sr, hank williams sr., head butting, hedwig, homies, hookas, hot guys, hot shirtless guys, hotel del coronado, i love lucy, insanity, italian sodas, jason behr, joe elliot, johnny depp, jon bon jovi, keeping people, laughing, legions of penguins, lists, lizardman, long haired guys, luke, making films, massages, matchbox 20, matches, mexican food, mini kits, money, music, my chemical romance, nakkie ewan (mmm), neuroism.net, old man pants, orlando bloom, orlando's curls, outkast, pants in spanish, paper umbrellas, paperclips, penguins, peni, penis power, penis', peppermint candles, photography, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plastic lizards, poetry, poking, pot pie, reading, roswell, salamanders, scott baio look-alikes, scratching itches, sewing, shaking fists, sharp sticks, sharpies, shiny shoes, shooter jennings, shopping, skipping, skull and crossbones, skulls, sleeping, soft guy skin, speaking jive, squicky, squidgy, squishilicious, squishy pants, staring, stickers, taking over the world, tarot cards, tattoos, teasing, the circus, the princess bride, the word penis, third nipples, tins, toilet earrings, tucson, voodoo, wacking people with sticks, why god why, writing,

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